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AgileFlow: Advanced startup management Notion template

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Introducing the Ultimate Notion Template for Small & Medium Companies Management

Transform your business operations with the Notion template designed to streamline management for small and medium-sized companies. Packed with powerful features and meticulously crafted for ease of use, this template is your key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

Unlock unbeatable value with a one-time payment Notion template. Ditch costly subscriptions, embrace a budget-friendly solution that provides continuous access to powerful features, and make an intelligent investment for efficient business growth and management.

Task Management System: Supercharge Your Team's Productivity

An advanced task management system based on the proven Scrum methodology will revolutionize your team's work. With an intuitive planning board, backlog, Kanban sprint management, and progress tracking, staying organized and focused has never been easier.

  • Team & personal tasks views
  • Sub-tasks support
  • Sprints and releases
  • Multiple teams support
  • Story points evaluation & prioritization tags
  • Kanban view for tracking progress by team & project
  • Automated deadlines & release dates with a calendar view

People Directory: Get to Know Your Team

Keep essential employee information at your fingertips with our comprehensive people directory. Stay connected and informed with detailed profiles, including skills, team, position, contacts, and location.

  • Gallery view for all people
  • Filterable views by location & teams

Vacation & Sick Leave Calendar: Plan Ahead With Confidence

Effortlessly manage your team's vacation and sick leave with our intuitive calendar system. Transparency has never been simpler.

  • Calendar view with vacations and sick leaves

Staffing Management: Build Your Dream Team

Take control of your recruitment process with our robust staffing management tools. From open positions to scheduling interviews, our template has you covered.

  • Organize teams & track open positions.
  • Schedule & monitor interviews
  • Recruitment team views for focused hiring efforts

Multiple Project Support: Manage Projects Like a Pro

Juggle multiple projects with ease using our sophisticated project management tools. Assign team members, track status, and monitor deadlines all in one place.

  • Integrated databases linking tasks, sprints, teams, and projects

Objectives & Key Results: Stay Focused on What Matters

Track your company's progress with our clear and concise OKR dashboard. Break down key results by years and quarters, and keep everyone aligned with the company's goals.

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Transform your business with our all-in-one Notion template for seamless company management and enhanced productivity.


AgileFlow: Advanced startup management Notion template

0 ratings
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